Scattered Schedule = Scattered Messages

April 4, 2017 — Leave a comment

Some days the words just flow right out–your preparation, your notes, the whole service just flows beautifully. Of course there are times when the Spirit takes over and you know these thoughts are not yours and yet they are perfectly timed and eloquently delivered.

And then there are those other days… those days were every word feels like a brick coming out of your mouth. You are trying to build a message, but each brick is a different size and there is nothing left after 45 minutes but a pile of rubble.

Yep… I was speaking odd sized bricks on Sunday morning. A jumbling of words that really made it hard for the congregation to follow. As I was talking with my wife we observed that the message (scattered and heading in 3 directions at once) reflected my week (scattered and heading in 3 directions at once). A colleague observed yesterday that he wasn’t sure where I had solid blocks of time to sit and prepare–that my week tends to be pulled in many directions–all good directions–but many DIFFERENT directions.Calendar

So today’s leadership challenge for me is how to clear my mind & schedule. I cannot imagine doing anything else but being a preacher & teacher of the scriptures. It is an amazing privilege to be asked to gather a word from God and deliver it to His people. This is my primary calling. How can I get back to it being my primary agenda on my calendar? What do I need to put down? What can I hand off? Who can I ask to join me and share the ministry? Who has God equipped to take and run well with the ministry? 

“My God, please give me wisdom and discernment. A clear vision of the text and what these folks at MBBC need to hear from it. Grant me the wisdom and understanding of the Holy Spirit to know your word, and give me the grace to share it clearly. Please help me to identify what, and to whom, I need to relinquish. Raise up men for the work of ministry in this place. God, please make the messages I share effective to equip your people see and reflect you. Amen”

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