Passion Week: Wednesday

April 13, 2017 — Leave a comment

Judas decides to betray Jesus. 

Read Mark 14:10-11

He did it. We know the story. Heard it thousands of times. And yet every time I read it, hear it, see it renacted I still am heartbroken that Judas could betray Jesus. 
Don’t get me wrong–God worked along side of the evil of the religious leaders, Judas and Satan to bring about good. His betrayal, death and resurrection leads to forgiveness, reconciliation and eternal life for those He calls. 

What upsets me is that I can be Judas. I can and do betray Him. Every time I sin I choose to betray Him. I know the rules of the game, I know what God demands, I know the law–old and new.  The problem is that God asks for all of my heart. He wants me to love Him with ALL my heart and ALL my strength and ALL my soul. If I give Him 50% I’ve betrayed Him. 75% = betrayal, 80%, 90%, 99.99% all equal betrayal.

What’s worse–sometimes I plot. Sometimes I ponder sin and then commit it. Sometimes my sins are premeditated. Like Judas, I have plotted to betray Him.

So, does that mean the end of my story is the potters field? No. Why? Because where sin abounds, grace does more. God is still working, transforming and renewing my mind. The heart transplant He performed in me is still healing and changing me from the inside out. I fail, but neither God nor I are giving up on me! I am moving on toward perfection!!!

“Jesus, please forgive me for betraying you. Please foil my plotting and plans for sin. When I have offered you less than ALL of my heart or strength, forgive me. Give me the wisdom to recognize where I have held back and the grace to offer it to you. Create in me a clean heart. Amen.”

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