God Didn’t Get Kicked Out of the Schools

February 17, 2018 — 1 Comment

Stop it. Stop it right now. Stop saying things like, “You took God out of the schools...”. Just stop!!! These statements, and you liking, sharing and posting fake T-shirts with that slogan just show that your theology is VERY broken.

God did not get kicked out of the schools. If you think that you are following a fake god you have invented. The God of the Bible is Sovereign, All-Present and Lord of all. If you really think God can be “kicked out” of ANYWHERE than you clearly haven’t read your Bible and your statements and posts prove you to be Biblically ignorant. God has revealed to us through Scripture that He is EVERYWHERE. Jacob, when seeing the vision of the ladder and angels ascending and descending says, “I didn’t realize God was here.” In Ezekiel, the whirling merkabah was God demonstrating, “I can even be in Babylon.” When God decimates the fake gods of Egypt, right in the very heart of a country against Him, it was all to prove HE IS.

God did not get kicked out of the schools. He is there. He was at the Columbine shooting and strengthened the faith of those who wouldn’t recant. He was at Sandy Hook when teachers threw themselves on top of their students. He was there when a football coach sacrificed himself for others. God was there.

And I have seen Him in our schools. He was there when

Becky 2
This young girl decided to follow Jesus IN SCHOOL

two rival gang ridden schools in Hagerstown started to prayer after football & basketball games. He is there every time a bible study is led by an FCA character coach–I’ve seen it. He was there when I watched a public school principal pray over an injured student waiting on an ambulance. God is there every time the Young Life leaders show up to make friends with the students. God is there when the teachers and coaches lead FCA huddle groups–every week in over a dozen schools in Washington County. God is there every time a CEF volunteer leads a local Good News club. He was there last Tuesday when a little girl asked Becky (a volunteer with CEF) about dying and told her she was scared. He was there as Becky led her to the Lord. AND He stayed there when another little girl wanted to know more about Jesus and Becky explained it again. God was there and regenerated those girls hearts and gave Becky the words to say to explain what God was doing. God was there when I stood in a local high school’s graduation ceremony and proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ. Listen–the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Child Evangelism Fellowship, Young Life–they are in the schools and they need YOUR help and support. 

But something is missing… the church. The church quit going into the schools. The church makes excuses and points its guilty finger. You are right, there is no longer a fruitless morning prayer over the loudspeaker for everyone whether they believe or not–but daily teachers and students who know and love God pray fervently for each other and their lost friends. You are right–they don’t teach the 10 commandments anymore. Do you? Do you care SO much about the 10 commandments that you taught our children and grandchildren? Do they know them? I have noticed that many who write “they took God out of the schools” have taken themselves out of church. God is so important to them that they are willing to give Him an hour or two a year.

Stop making excuses and start making disciples. You want “God” in the schools? Then YOU GO reflect His image and character by volunteering there. Meet some young people and build relationships with them. Make a difference by proving God’s presence because YOU were there representing Him. So please stop. Stop making ridiculous statements that are Theologically WRONG. Stop liking posts and picture that point out your own neglect of disciple making. Stop blaming others for not making disciples in YOUR community.

I am so proud of MBBC and the commitment it has made to reflect the character of God to our community. I am so excited that two of our pastors, another two staff members,  two missionaries in our congregation and six volunteers are in the schools 4-5 days a week. If you would like to know more about how to disciple your local school or partner with ministries that already are, let me know. Have your pastor call me. We would love to share with you how we see God moving in the schools in our community

One response to God Didn’t Get Kicked Out of the Schools


    I agree! (C:C Response I posted on Facebook.)

    I DO NOT want to see another post saying the reason school shootings occur is because God is not in our public schools!

    I think the real reason many people that say, “God isn’t in our schools,” is because they have given up on our public schools.
    Just because public schools are not allowed to provide, endorse or require instruction about God/a higher power, it doesn’t mean believers in public schools can’t pray or personally acknowledge God.

    Believers are called to accept God into their heart, believe God is sovereign, and that God is everywhere.
    So please, DO NOT tell the parents and children who lost family and friends that despite their faith as a believer, God wasn’t with their loved one when they needed Him most!

    In love, aren’t we are called in our faith to build up, not tear down?

    Another point I would like to make; How can someone say, “schools have shootings because God is not welcome there,” without explaining how the attacks in churches/houses of worship occurred, if shootings only happen where God is not present?

    Last, I ask that people don’t blame God for these tragedies. God is with us always and will guide us if we allow Him to lead us, but God isn’t a puppet master. He’s a heavenly parent. Just like the parent grieving for their child they could not protect, our God is not responsible. People have freedom of choice. Unfortunately, our freedom needs to be protected as well as balanced with responsibility or it will continue to cost the people of this nation an unbearable price.


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