Who is Chad Carter?


I am a husband, father and pastor in Maugansville MD.

I married Brenda 15 years ago in Carlisle, PA. God has grown our family to include Aiden (10) and Abigail (7). This family is the source of so much joy.

Right now, I am the Lead Pastor at MBBChurch.org. An endearing congregation learning to put their faith into action by reflecting God’s character. Before that I was a pastor in Catawissa, PA (I didn’t know where it was either!) for 7 years.

Before that? A successful sales & marketing career, college, sports, friends…

My children and job drive my calendar. But in the rare moment of free time I love to read, take walks, listen music, and just exist on crisp fall days and cool spring mornings.

My mind is a rambling of leadership theory, theology and sports talk. So I thought I would share–I guess I am looking for validation for some of my thoughts–who knows?!?!

One response to Who is Chad Carter?


    Hello, I read your column, Around Maugansville, today. Thank you for your inspiration. I’m mailing a copy to all our dear friends and letting them know that we’re thinking about them. God bless


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