Authentic Worship

Authentic worship is recognizing God and responding to Him with extravagant devotion.


In order to recognize God we need to know what to look for. God has revealed His nature and characteristics to us in the Scriptures. It is imperative for His people to learn about Him through reading and studying the Bible.

Where have I seen God?

As we get to know the all-powerful, all-knowing, all-present God we can begin to seek His activity in our everyday lives. When we stop and ask ourselves, “Where have I seen God?”, we remind ourselves that our provident God is at work every moment.

What can I learn about God?

When you recognize God’s movements in your life, you can start to see what God is trying to accomplish. What does it mean that these people are on my child’s team? God are you telling me something through the loss of a job, or the rejection letters? Lord, it seems you are using my past addiction to encourage others caught in the same thing.

How can I help?

Now that we see how God is moving in our world to deliver people we need to ask, “God, how can I help you?”. God’s will should be our will [if it isn’t, go pray until it is]. So when we have recognized God and His activity, our response should be extravagant devotion to seeing His desires accomplished.