Radical Discipleship

Discipleship is Radical when vulnerable people spend time together becoming committed followers of Jesus Christ growing through conflict.

Pastor Chadrick Carter

The call to follow Jesus Christ is not a solo adventure. It is God’s design that we be connected to a local fellowship of disciples and walk together as we follow Jesus’ teaching and lifestyle. Its an each for the other lifestyle with God at the helm. When I hang out with you and my rough edges meet your rough edges, God uses our relationship to change me. Iron sharpens iron.

Discipleship (becoming a committed follower of Jesus) is RADICAL when vulnerable people spend time together. The Radical nature of discipleship is letting each other see our character flaws, our brokenness, the struggles we are awaiting deliverance from. Do you really know me if you only know my strengths? If I never let you see my rough edges can God use our relationship to refine me? That is why vulnerability is so important to discipleship. It is trusting a brother or sister to know the real you, the one where God is still working, and trusting they won’t beat you up for it.

The more we spend time together, allowing each other to see the good the bad and the ugly, the more our fellowship and relationship will grow. And often that growth comes through conflict–with each other, with God’s standards, with ourselves. But conflict should not be an opportunity to escape a relationship, or an excuse to cut people out of your life. It is the very crucial moment where God is pointing our your sin and selfishness against a brother’s sin and selfishness. In conflict we most see each others weaknesses and can move forward together. We cannot avoid conflict–we must handle conflict with humility, love and a desire to grow. [don’t believe me? Take look at the passages before and after the conflict resolution passages in Matthew 18]

This is discipleship, radical discipleship–the followers of Jesus growing together as they deepen their commitment to the lifestyle and teachings of the Christ. You just can’t do that alone, or in an hour or two on Sunday. We must spend time together, often.