Uncomfortable Outreach

when God refines us in the pain and discomfort of creating opportunities to build relationships with people we wouldn’t know otherwise.

Pastor Chadrick Carter

God completes us through difficulties. The letters of James and Peter both have a great encouragement to those experiencing trials and hardship. Those writers remind their hearers that God uses those seasons and situations in our life to make us whole and recreate His image in us.
(c.f. James 1:2-4 & 1 Peter 1:6-8)

What is it about those times? Being comfortable means having security and being satisfied. Being UNCOMFORTABLE is being in a position where we do not have control of the situation and are unsure of the outcome. This is where we best allow God to work in our lives. In these painful circumstances we cry out for a deliverer–one who is in control and does know the outcome. This, the unknown and uncomfortable is where we learn to trust God and not rely on ourselves.

Outreach (creating opportunities to build relationships with people) becomes uncomfortable outreach when we go to places and people we would not know otherwise. People that live different circumstances, speak different clich├ęs and languages, with different values surrounding money, family, possessions. We can control the circumstances in our neighborhoods, at our kids game, in our church–but in someone else’s circumstance–I’m not in control. This outreach–this is uncomfortable. And this is where the Potter pounds the clay, molds it and throws it into the fiery kiln to refine it. This is where God recreates in us His image, so the very people we are trying to reach see more of Him, and less of us.